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Power x Protection • Bracelet • Onyx, Obsidian & 925 Sterling Silver or Gold plated

Power x Protection • Bracelet • Onyx, Obsidian & 925 Sterling Silver or Gold plated

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Obsidian is a natural glass that has formed due to volcanic activity. Like a volcano is powerful and strong, so has Obsidian, a powerful and protective energy. It is a crystal of change and reincarnation. Obsidian radiates courage and helps you deal with your subconscious fears and negative emotions. It removes useless energy, sadness, hate and uneasiness from the body. Obsidian is a strong protective stone to wear with you or have it at your home for protection. 

Onyx is a strong protective crystal and will give you a powerful protection. Onyx makes negative energies into positive ones and guides them wherever you need them at that time. Also it brings out your inner strength and power. The main quality of Onyx is to protect the wearer from losing their energy. It creates a strong barrier around the carrier. It protects you from jealousy, negativity and bad thoughts. Good crystal for people who want more control over their words and actions. Also for people who feel they need to stand up for themselves, Onyx will give courage.

Silver Obsidian - Stone of therapy, Psychological protection, Grounding, Clearing from negativity, Spiritual communication, Protection, Truth, Spiritual growth, Healing of the soul, Protects from negativity, Releases stress, Revives the soul, Life force, Concentration, Cleansing

Onyx - Turns a negative into a positive, Draws energy from the universe, i.e. magnetic - Brings what is needed, Rejuvenates, Gives strenght, Life force, Protection, Inner strenght

Star Signs - Pisces, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Lion, Aires, Aquarius
All star signs are suitable with all crystals and natural stones, but some crystals work quicker and more powerfully with some signs. We recommend you choose crystals based on intuition, based on what calls you and what you like.

This piece of jewellery is made with natural stones and the colour and pattern may vary.


◉ 8mm Onyx ◉ 6mm Silver Obsidian ◉ 925 Silver or 18K Gold plated

Some pieces of jewellery are made with natural stones and the colour and pattern may vary.

Brass is not suitable for people with sensitive skin, please use caution.

Size Guide

Crystal Bracelets

We recommend measuring your wrist and then adding 0.5-1cm to the measurement. If you order exactly the measurement of your wrist it could be too tight.

You measure your wrist at 16 cm. We recommend you buy a 17cm bracelet.

Crystal x Chain

The silver crystal bracelets come in one size. They do have a maximum size to them and you can find that in the product description.


The necklaces have different lengths, some adjustable and some not. This information is in the product description. We will add a little guide here to understand where different lengths sit. These are informational only as people's neck size plays a role.

35-40cm - Close to the neck or on top of the collarbone

45cm - Little bit below the collarbone

50cm - Below the collarbone on top of the chest. Good with a shirt

60+ cm - Very low hanging and dependent on the person


All of our products are packed with sustainable packaging that is either recycled or compostable. We believe that a lot of our products come from mother earth and it is our duty to take care of her. To read more click here.

Little snippet of whats written in the package:

Please make your contribution
in helping mother earth and
get rid of the packaging

Mailer bag - Compostable
Everything else - Recyclable

Let's hope one day this package
can make it's way back to you
as another recycled package
sent by Soulehe!


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If you are under those order sums then it will be 10$ for Australian and New Zealand orders. For International orders, the shipping fee is 30$.


Soulehe donates 1% of every order to charity. To see what charity we are donating to right now click here. To help us choose which charity to donate to next follow us on Instagram

Care Instructions

We take pride in good craftsmanship but all of these pieces are delicate. Therefore we recommend removing jewellery before doing very active activities. We recommend removing all jewellery before swimming or showering as removing them will insure you will have a beautiful piece of jewellery longer and it will not tarnish.

A lot of the crystals and gemstones that we use are porous, which means that their colour and brightness can change over time due to humidity, perfumes, and cosmetics.

We also include a polishing cloth with all our jewellery with any metal (Silver, Gold, Stainless Steel) pieces. We recommend giving all the jewellery a good polish once a month to keep it as beautiful as the day you bought it!


We have a 30-day return policy. To read more about the return policy please click here!

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