Crystal of the week - Tiger Eye

Crystal of the week - Tiger Eye

Today I am going to share with you the wonderful qualities of Tiger Eye. We will start off with the basic attributes and qualities of Tiger Eye. Then we will go more in depth about the crystal.

COLOUR - brown with yellow bands

ESSENCE - a powerhouse of creative energy

CHAKRAS - sacral, solar plexus, root

FROM - Brazil, Australia, South Africa



Personal power, 






Clarity of thought,




Protects against other bad thoughts,

Increases willpower,

This crystal is suitable with all star signs, but especially useful to the following star signs

Capricorn, Sagittarius, Taurus, Gemini, Lion

Tiger Eye Bracelet

Experience the empowering energy of the Tiger Eye, a captivating stone that enhances personal power, protection, and confidence. This remarkable crystal stimulates clarity of thought, boosts creativity, and attracts abundance and prosperity. Harness the luck and strength of Tiger Eye as you embrace opportunities, overcome obstacles, and tap into your inner power, all while being shielded from negative energies and thoughts.

This crystal suits you perfectly for building up your career, very good at supporting business. It is a stone of strong and powerful energies. This makes it a great companion in giving you power and achieving great things!

Tiger Eye and Silver Bracelet

So, welcome Tiger Eye into your life and let it envelop you in its balancing wisdom! If you have felt that you definitely need more Tiger Eye in your life then click here, to see all Soulehe Tiger Eye Jewellery.


With love and care,

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