My Story

"I love what I do and I really believe that positive energy will carry on to you through my jewellery."

About Me

My name is Brenda, I am 26, and I am originally from Estonia but am residing in Australia at the moment. Crafts have been always a big part of my life and for as long as I can remember I have been crafting something with my hands. I came to Australia in 2019 and as soon as I landed I knew that I would be here for longer than a couple of years. So the first couple of years we travelled and worked on different farms with my partner Hans. In Australia I have really immersed myself in spirituality, it has always interested me but here I really started to commit to it. In May of 2022 due to different circumstances, I had to stay home for a longer period of time. I thought I would dedicate this time to crafting things, self-growth, reading, learning, writing and astrology. The feeling of being able to dedicate a big portion of time to hand-crafting jewellery again was absolutely amazing. I loved creating so much that I stumbled into a problem - I could never wear all of them even if I wore a new piece every day. Then it dawned on me that I should share these pieces of art with the world. I could keep creating more and more of these beautiful pieces. So with the help of my partner, we have been on a 6 month-long journey to starting Soulehe.

What does Soulehe mean?

The word Soulehe, if you can even call it a word, is like me, partly inspired by Australia and partly by Estonia. The name was created in cooperation with my partner Hans. The first part is Soul - Every piece of jewellery carries within itself a little piece of the crafters soul. I love what I do and I really believe that positive energy will carry on to you through my jewellery. The second part is Ehe. It is an Estonian word with two different meanings. One of them actually just means jewellery, which is convenient. The other meaning, maybe even the more important one, is genuine or pure. I only craft my jewellery in a limited quantity to increase the uniqueness of each piece and to create as many different designs as I can. We try to do everything in a very genuine way and be transparent and sustainable. The last piece of our brand are the little stars in our logo. You might have even missed them. They are not just small design pieces. They represent the star sign of Taurus. Which is my star sign and the one that the idea of Soulehe was born under.

So come on this journey of art, design, beauty and soul with me. I know you will love it!