• Sustainability

    It is our goal to be good friends with mother earth! This is why all the packaging and product cards of our products are responsibly sourced and recycled or compostable! Read more here!

  • Hand-crafted

    Every piece of jewellery is hand-crafted and unique. No to massproduction. To read more about my views read My Story!

  • 1% Of All Orders to Charity

    It is extremely important to me to give back. So that is why 1% of all Soulehe orders go to charity. Right now our goal is to support WWF Australia and to adopt a Koala. To read more click here!

  • First time buying crystals?

    At first the world of crystals might be a bit much. To get a bit of direction scroll down to our easy guides or click here for our FAQ!


Jewellery helper

How to choose Crystals?

My recommendation is to choose crystals based on your intuition. The piece of jewellery that is drawing you in at the moment is the exact one you need at that moment in time. When I first started in this world, I would spend hours reading up on every single crystal, and in the end, I did not remember what I wanted and everything was just a mess. There is an immense amount of information for every crystal, and catching up on every single crystal to start with is just too much.

You can choose the crystals based on your star sign. Some crystals work better with certain constellations, but all of the crystals still work with everyone.

I have been fascinated with crystals ever since I was young. They have been pulling me in like magnets, and I have always bought bracelets and stones based on what I liked. Later, looking at what the crystals and stones do, I almost fell over. It was exactly the energy that I was looking for. How did I know? Your subconscious/intuition knows what you need. We all have that magnet inside ourselves that guides us exactly to the right crystal. We are also influenced by different colors. If the green "speaks" to you at the moment and you have a lot of green things, then those are the energies you lack and need in your life. Have a look and listen to yourself.

What materials do you use?

Most of our jewellery is either gold or silver plated. That makes it possible to make affordable jewellery and is good for people with metallic allergies. For information on specific materials for a piece of jewellery check the "Materials" section under the product description

Some pieces use Brass. Brass is not suitable for people with sensitive skin, please use caution.

All of our stones and crystals are high quality and natural stones.

To read more about how to care for stones, crystals and plated jewellery look at the FAQ question below!

Can you make me a bracelet in custom size?

If you find a bracelet that you would like to buy and there size you would like is not available then let us know by email info@soulehe.com. If possible we can make you one but can not guarantee it 100%.

How to care for Soulehe jewellery?

We take pride in good craftsmanship but all of these pieces are delicate. Therefore we recommend removing jewellery before doing very active activities. We recommend removing all jewellery before swimming or showering as removing them will insure you will have a beautiful piece of jewellery longer and it will not tarnish.

A lot of the crystals and gemstones that we use are porous, which means that their colour and brightness can change over time due to humidity, perfumes, and cosmetics.

  • Step 1

    We place your piece of jewellery on a bed of recycled Kraft filler and put the Hex Wrap around it to keep it nice and snug. Oh and the box of course is recycled as well!

  • Step 2

    We wrap it up and sing songs of praise about you when we do it. Tie a nice bow on it with sustainable hemp cord, oh this is coming together NICE!

  • Step 3

    Close up the box and put a beautiful biodegradable sticker on it. Makes you smile, doesn't it?

  • Step 4

    And finally, put it into an eco-mailer so the box makes it to you in pristine condition. The mailer bag is compostable and will be gone in six months. And then we run to the post office! See you soon!

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I just love my Balance x Protection Bracelet

I just love my handmaid bracelet so much I purchased one for my mum for mothers day, she loves hers too. Soulehe has such a stunning collection of quality jewellery, I highly recommend them. I will definitely be buying more of their beautiful jewellery.

Absolute Designer Piece!

I could not choose from all the earrings you have but I am so happy with my choice. They feel so elegant but light at the same time and I absolutely love them! Will definitely recommend you and will be buying more!

We are so happy that you loved it!

Amazing Quality Jewellery

Amazing quality Jewellery and wonderful service. I definitely recommend. I love my necklaces and earrings. Thank you Soulehe.

Thank you so much Niki! It was a pleasure to deal with you!

I got my bracelet and it is soooooo pretty. And also I love the earrings as well. Thank you, Soulehe!

Thank you so much, Kristin!